The Internet has revolutionized communication, creating an unlimited field for marketing professionals. There are many ways to effectively promote the Internet – today we present these, especially worthy recommendations for public organizations.


Today, no one doubts that advertising on the Internet is a mandatory element of any event, including a social one. The Internet allows you to distinguish your brand, effectively inform about your actions and build the desired image. After establishing the most important goals of communication, there is nothing but a rush to move to concrete actions! Get acquainted with 5 steps for effective advancement on the Internet.


  1. Active Social Media Profiles

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are becoming increasingly important for the third sector. The main criteria for choosing this carrier are the preferences of our recipients, that is, the target groups. The unwritten rule is: “Where our fans are, there we are.” More and more Internet users are looking for information on Instagram, and here they report their comments and concerns.


The biggest advantage of this type of promotion is contact with the recipient, as well as quick and easy promotion of organizational materials – videos from charity campaigns, reports on events in an accessible form (for example, infographics). Instagram continues to enjoy unabated popularity in the US – an organization profile on this portal is now standard.


  1. Instagram advertising

Another proven way to successfully promote online. It includes practical tools for daily management of the organization. This is a very useful version of the service Krootez which allows you to spend paid advertising Instagram. And those who skillfully lead, will allow you to effectively promote your business.


  1. Attractive site

So, the first and most important business card of the organization on the Internet. What should be a professional website? First of all, transparent and intuitive. This, of course, to intrigue the user with the original design and content, as well as to make it as simple as possible to view the site. Easy navigation, simple menu and setting the page for the specifics of mobile devices – the shortest way to make a good impression on the recipients and turn to the image of success.


To set up a website, we can use a free generator (for example, WIX or Weebly) or ask for help from a programmer. A necessary element of the advertising strategy on the site is to take care of the quality of the published materials and regularly update them.


  1. Inspirational blog

Blogging has become not only fashionable, but also necessary in communicating with the modern recipient. Through this communication channel, we can not only inform our supporters in a more relaxed tone, share opinions, but also influence the positioning of our organization in the Google search engine. Posts created on the blog can be easily published on social networks. When blogging you should take care of attractive photos, graphics and video.


  1. Email campaigns

According to some marketers, the most accurate form of communication. E-mailing works well for advertising campaigns associated with 1%, as well as for everyday communication with followers and partners of the organization. The easiest way to get email addresses is to leave emails on a website or on Instagram which they share during industry events.


Embedding the above elements in your communication strategy will allow you to better utilize the potential of both the organization and your projects.