The Halloween Super Affiliate is a very easy to understand system that makes money from selling to a hungry niche market during the most profitable time of the year. This concept is very simple, yet is often complicated by Internet marketers who always seem to have the next big thing. Brian G. Johnson, owner of this Halloween Affiliate Coaching program, reveals how he generates huge affiliate paydays regularly by timing his marketing campaigns exactly according to what and when the market needs them.

Prior to this release, Brian has also been involved with the launch of other products such as Auto Content Cash which he did with Jared Croslow and Alex Goad.

1. What Has Brian G. Johnson of Halloween Super Affiliate Achieved in His Online Marketing Career?

In his new coaching program, he is only interested in revealing the success he had during last year’s Halloween season where he made thousands of dollars in a few days selling Halloween costumes and profiting from Halloween advertisements on his AdSense websites john crestani review. With this new coaching program, he is hoping that he can get more of his members to catch this profitable period and replicate the success he had last year.

Another one of his products which I had found helpful was Commission Ritual which he did back last year as well, and one of the most important skills that have helped me make a lot more money is the skill of timing your promotions according to what people are searching for during specific times of the year. Even though he is specifically targeting the Halloween niche with this training program, the same concepts can be applied to marketing in any other niche such as during Christmas or Valentine’s Day period.

2. How Do Brian’s Sites Get Top Rankings Quickly Using His Halloween Super Affiliate System?

By joining this site, I have gained access to a link building network that Brian has been using to build up the page rank of his own niche marketing websites.