Ok, the revolution isn’t so new , nor is my computer, but as I wade through the sea of alternatives for how to down load music, listen to and buy online tracks, I grow more eager to get my feet wet and finally complement around take the dip. However, I am actually a bit more practical than this. So, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time during the past couple of weeks trying to decide what’s ideal for my lifestyle, my wallet and my PC.

First thing I realized when searching all of the music services would be that matters seemed to work a whole lot smoother with a broadband connection (& most services appear to point out that from the start ). Just like my CD Walkman, the period had come for me to get rid of my early dial up connection to the online experience. It actually turned out to work in my favor as if my cable company gave me a really fantastic bargain on high-speed, and also threw in a reduction on my present charges for cable TV.

I was”connected” in an acceptable rate to the Web, I had to see, that which I had been trying to escape the online music experience. After some extreme jelqing soul searchingI realized the only thing that the separated me from the hip is perhaps the types of music I had been searching for, and the amount of time I wanted to devote online hunting for music.

The guy who sits next to me has a 60 GB iPod, also is whining that it is virtually full. That is over seven million songs. I actually don’t realize that I would even live long enough to tune in to that many songs. My needs were more easy. I had an MP3 player in the box from two Christmas’ ago, and it promised to keep over 500 songs. That might be perfect for me, at least in the short term.

Next, what exactly was looking for in my new online music experience? Can I wish to pay attention to music onto my PC, in my own car or in my MP3 player? Yes to all three. Did I do want to listen to the radio while I had been in my PC? Again, yes. Can I wish to exchange music with the others on line in a peer-to-peer Napster-like atmosphere? Eh, that one scared me just a little, and that I chose that opening my files up to strangers made me feel dirt, so that I put this one on hold spotify web player.

My second stay in ascertaining how I’d”music on the web” was price. I hunted dozens of services and sites, however, narrowed my sights to three of the big guys: AOL Music Today, iTunes and Rhapsody Music Service (given by Real Networks).

I had AOL, therefore I signed up to his or her Music Currently product for about $ 8.99/month (that is in addition to their monthly fee as an ISP). I was able to download music , listen for them while”off line” and burn them to CD or move them over to my mp3player for a further fee each song. That seemed to be standard across most of the services. Music Today was a followup to the original AOL Music Net, which I actually liked better because it raced locally on machine and the new Cast Music Today takes more. AOL also has a partnership with iTunes, so you can be on AOL, but iTunes will launch and then you’re actually at the iTunes application. It’s confusing. Should I want to go my downloaded songs into my MP3 player, the regular monthly fee jumps to $14.95 a month, and if I wish to place them to a CDI pay and extra 99 cents per track. That is too much money because of mepersonally. I normally purchase one or two CD’s monthly, which might be more economical than this online service. As well as you have to be an existent AOL member (more money per month) in order to use the item.

On to iTunes. Okay, so there is no monthly fee for iTunes. Love this. And I can purchase music for 99 cents daily. Love that too. But wait. Ugh. The least expensive ipod-out there is approximately $99 (therefore much for monthly fee), plus it’s really maybe not the model I’d select. I enjoy my MP3 player. If I already had an iPod, then this might be the route I’d go, however Apple tends be very inflexible, and that I hate to be associated with one provider, format and player. There is also a limit to how you can share the music in your own home network. I feel as though even though I have the song, I’m being watched on what I do with it. Great bye big brother.

Rhapsody Music Service from Real Networks. Thus far they are the cheapest. $9.99 per month and that’s with infinite access to over 1.3 million songs. I do have to own pay the extra 99 cent fee if I wish to burn to CD or transfer to my MP3, but that is the market standard for paying the performers, and the monthly fee is five dollars less per month than AOL. The music has over from the widely supported MP3 format and also the songs would be mine to split transfer or share with my other computers on my home network. Like the other two, I can hear live radio on my pc, but that I enjoy the freedom I get with Rhapsody Music Service. I am not being observed, and the music is still mine.